It was a hard fought battle Monday night between Marion and Mullins. The defenses ruled the roost. Lots of leather was popping on both sides. Mullins went for the two-pointer and the win but came up just short as Marion's defense stiffened when it had to get the one-point win.

Great game boys.

The hitting out there was fierce. Two huge lines were taking everything to task. I saw and heard some collisions out there. There were many big hits by so many big guys. Wall stopping hits. I was up in the booth and I still got a feel for how things had gotten really real down there as the stalemate continued through late second half. Neither defense was surprised at anything the respective offenses did, pretty much all night. One of the many who got my attention from a defensive perspective during the game was Javarius Woods on Mullins. I could not remember many stretches during this game that he was not center stage on every big defensive stop for the Aucs and there were many. He laid the wood on some guys last night that they will remember. He is a hard hitting kid and yet another one from Creek Bridge.

Bradford Crawford for Mullins was a very important player for Mullins as they scrapped back to score late in the fourth quarter. He made two huge grabs to breathe new life into what looked at the time, like Mullins fading hopes. He came down with momentum swinging timely catches. He was all over the place all night and then saved his best for last and now he looks like a viable option in a tight spot for Mullins going forward.

Jakobe Sims was steady in relief at quarterback. There is a story behind this. He is the son of legendary Swamp Fox Baseball player Hardy Sims and the grandson of Hardy Sims Sr. who is a guy I met watching his son play back in the day. We became friends. It hurt me to my heart when he passed away a few years ago. I cannot tell you what it means to me to see my ole buddies grand youngster playing.

That moment when you remember a kid's dad telling you that you are sleeping on his son that his son is really a beast then you find out that he was right. Every time I see No. 32 play, I'm more impressed than I was, the time before. Christian James is a football player.

Marcus chandler is playing pretty good football for Mullins at quarterback. He has had his ups and downs but who on Mullins team hasn’t to this point. I look at him as a kid who has a nice arm and is also a very active guy when a play breaks down. He needs to play within himself and rely on his natural instincts to find open receivers. He does have some speed and had a couple of big runs Monday night although a couple was nullified by penalty. In the end he gave his team a chance to win the game. He led the drive that got them into the end zone for the first and only time in the whole game. Mullins elected to put the ball in the capable hands of Isaac Hemingway (formally of Creek Bridge) and go for the two-pointer and the win. Swamp Fox defense was ready and Marion claimed the victory.

D’vonte Allen for Marion left the game hurt early in the first half and was unavailable for the better part of the first three periods. Sims filled in admirably and kept the Swamp Foxes right there with Mullins until Allen returned in the final quarter. This is when he showed the heart we have come to expect of him. He was not himself and was picked -off twice by Mullins. The defense covered for the mistake by turning Mullins back until the very end when the Aucs finally punched in a late score, which set up the dramatic two point conversion attempt which ended with Marion stopping Hemingway to seal the win for the home team.

Marion is 4-0 after just one win all of last season.

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