FLORENCE, S.C. – South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed an executive order Wednesday to suspend E.J. McIver from the Florence One Schools Board of Trustees.

The suspension follows McIver’s indictment on Tuesday on charges of misconduct in office and embezzlement of less than $10,000.

McIver has only been suspended from the office, meaning there is currently no vacancy on the Florence One Schools board, according to Brian Symmes, communications director for McMaster. McIver will be suspended until he is formally convicted or acquitted, Symmes said.

The governor’s action does not address the guilt or innocence of McIver.

The executive order cites Article VI, Section 8 of the South Carolina Constitution, which says that “[a]ny officer of the state or its political subdivisions … who has been indicted by a grand jury for a crime involving moral turpitude … may be suspended by the Governor until he shall have been acquitted.”

In the case McIver is convicted, the office will be declared vacant and the vacancy will be filled “as may be provided by the law,” the executive order stated.

McIver did not answer when called for comment on the suspension.

Superintendent Richard O’Malley declined to comment on McIver’s suspension.

“I can’t comment on this unfortunate situation regarding board member McIver,” O’Malley said.

McIver was arrested on Sept. 26. According to arrest warrants issued on Sept. 17, McIver is accused of using a school district credit card for items outside his duties as a board member.

According to the Florence County Sheriff’s Office, between January 2016 and August 2019, McIver “converted public funds to personal use.” The sheriff’s office reported the amount of money to be $732.82.

Embezzlement of funds under $10,000 is a felony, and persons convicted can be fined in the discretion of the court proportioned to the amount of embezzlement and imprisoned for not more than five years.

A court date for McIver has not been set yet.

Twelfth Judicial Circuit Solicitor E.L. “Ed” Clements said it will be quite some time before the court date is set.

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