Man this kid Isaac Hemingway is something. So incredibly strong and fearless out there. He hurt up some cats for the flashes while they were trying to get him on the ground.

A few of them stayed on the ground for a long time after they tried to tackle him. It may sound like an exaggeration but anybody who was at the game can back me up on this 100 percent. I swear whoever gave him that name “Bull” knew what they were talking about. He’s the kind of kid who would love to play tackle football with no equipment on a Sunday afternoon. He has all the physical tools to play on Saturday afternoons somewhere. Isaac Hemingway even got my great grand pops first name and my youngest grandson’s last name. I was talking to his former head coach at Creek Bridge Jim Vereen and we laughed when we agreed that he functions sometimes as his own offensive line. In a game that was basically a highlight for him, there was one particular play that really had folk scratching their heads. The ball popped out of a Johnsonville player’s hands on the ground. Hemingway scooped the ball up on one bounce and pretty much carried at least five Flashes players for 20 yards. It was amazing, he was amazing and the crowd including myself, were just utterly amazed.

Marcus Chandler had his moments in the win over Johnsonville most of them good. His play was as important to them getting the tough victory as any of his teammates. He has shown great savvy and toughness in getting production that a lesser player may not. He has been a find for Mullins this season

The Homecoming crowd at Creek Bridge for the Mullins Auctioneers was as big a crowd as I have ever seen at any Mullins game that I can recall.

Mullins has won five straight games after the heartbreaking loss to rival Marion and before that the stunning setback to Latta. They are on top of the region and appear in control after four conference games. Only Andrews appears to be a conference foe that might be a threat. I wouldn’t say that they are where they want to be and will be as they approach the state playoff but they have improved over the past five games and are moving up in the eyes of the statewide pollsters as they are ranked as high as fifth in the state in Class 2A. I do have to mention a youngster who got my attention recently and he is Demauri Platt. Very talented on both sides of the ball but is special when he has the ball in his hands. He got shook up a bit on Friday night which is one of the reasons the Flashes were able to climb back into the game as Platt sat out a good part of the night. He is a good one and is fun to watch.

Well after streaking out to five straight wins to open the season, the Marion varsity football team is at a crossroads. Two games into the conference schedule and they have not claimed a victory. It might get a little easier the rest of the way but they don’t have the luxury of looking past any of the remaining foes. A Dillon and the Aynor opening to the region schedule did not help them but at least they are both behind them now. Lake City comes to town Friday and that’s homecoming. To say Marion cannot afford to let the Panthers get out of Marion with a win is an understatement. Swamp Foxes record sits at 5-2 (0-2 region)

Mac Mac Washington is getting more looks at QB. There was a time when the youngster was in Rec, that he was an heir to the throne as Marion Swamp Fox QB. I felt then that he was special. He has moved away from football but Coach Randall State got him back playing again and that might be the one of the biggest things he has done in his short tenure.

Got to see Aynor’s JV team last week and I can assure you Aynor football is still going be a problem in the coming years. Those kids are good and well-coached. I mean who knew Aynor football would elevate itself from their welcome wagon days of old to being a team nobody wants to play. I think they will get beat by Dillon this Friday but they will make it fun.

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