MULLINS, S.C. -- Mullins Auctioneers football linebacker and defensive tackle Cameron Weeks announced his intentions to join the Newberry College Wolves program last week.

The senior four-year veteran was among the leaders in the Pee Dee in tackles, averaging 11.5 per game. He helped anchor a defense that went 9-2 on the season.

“It felt great,” Weeks said of the decision. “It was a long process but it came through.”

Weeks said he visited the Newberry College campus and said he loved the school. He expects to play linebacker for the Wolves.

“I enjoyed my classmates playing last year and now it’s time to move on with life,” he said.

Weeks credits his dad Daniel Weeks, a longtime assistant coach on the team and middle school football coach, for his love of the game. He grew up delivering hits on the Mullins Recreation football field and helping out the varsity team as a ball-boy until he had a jersey of his own.

Daniel Weeks said it was a big decision for his son.

“I’m glad that he gets to go where he wanted to go first,” he said. “I’m excited for him on this new venture.” Daniels Weeks remembers how quick his son took to becoming a student of the game.

“Ever since I started coaching he has been there,” Daniel Weeks said. “He wanted to do things since he was small and wanted to play with the bigger guys. The form of tackling, he saw that in high school and took that to the rec. He was angle tackling and learning pursuit drills before middle school. Sometimes it’s overwhelming seeing his aggressiveness.”

The two shed tears after his final game where the Auctioneers lost 7-6 in the second round.

“At the end of the game the opposing coach told him not to hold his down,” Daniel Weeks said. “It meant a lot coming from an opponent. It was an emotional game and all the kids wanted to go further but I was very proud of him and the whole team.”

While Daniel Weeks gives credit to his son for his work on and off the field, Cameron Weeks thanks his dad for the direction.

“My dad played a big role in my life,” Cameron Weeks said. “He got me out of trouble, leading me on the right path and taking me on the right destination to get where I’m at right now. I appreciate that a lot.”

Weeks said he plans to head to school in August and will study Physical Education with the goal to become a coach.

Weeks said he hopes the legacy of the team continues to grow and that his fellow seniors helped inspires the next team to have another great season.

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Born in Atlantic City; raised in Mullins. Graduated from SC State University, home of the mighty Bulldogs. Editor of the Marion Star & Mullins Enterprise. Loves spending free time with his daughter. Huge sports fan.

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