Marion County Healthcare Foundation donates more than $70,000 to Little Pee Dee Center site

The Marion Healthcare Foundation presented a $70,659 grant award to the Little Pee Dee Baptist Association on last week.

MULLINS, S.C. — The Marion Healthcare Foundation presented a $70,659 grant award to the Little Pee Dee Baptist Association last week.

Officials said the funds will go towards the renovation of the Little Pee Dee Center site to better equip the facility to serve as a Post Impact General Population Shelter for Red Cross.

Marion County Healthcare Foundation executive director Pete Mazzaroni said the support was for a great asset to the community.

“It will meet many different needs particularly as it relates to disaster recovery and serving as a Red Cross shelter along with other functions for the community,” he said. “We’re really happy to be able to support it.”

Mazzaroni said the site can function to provide vital services.

“We also see these as investments in our community,” he said. “We’re excited to be part of this project.”

The project organized through the Marion County Long-Term Recovery Group includes training of more than a dozen Care Center Volunteers to be the first Official American Red Cross Organized Group in the history of Marion County.

Ogleretta D. White of Marion County Planning and Special Project said the funding will go towards a commercial kitchen to support victims of natural and man-made disasters. It also will aid in the expansion of the Healthy Lifestyle Program to include cooking classes, which will support the senior program as well as the implementation of a youth program. The LPD Center will purchase additional exercise equipment to support its Healthy Lifestyle program that citizens of Marion County have touted for the reduction and elimination of high-blood pressure, obesity, and pre-diabetes.

There will be also be an HVAC installed in an area that was not climate controlled.

Linda Phillips serves as administrator for the Little Pee Dee Association and also part of the Marion County Long-Term Recovery Group and said the funds will be put to good use.

“We are known as one of 18 care centers,” she said. “Marion County has never had a Red Cross Organized Group and now they have volunteers active in the county and we got all of our training there.”

Phillips said she is grateful to be part of it.

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