MARION, S.C. – Marion County Habitat for Humanity is celebrating 20 years of service to the community, hosting a dinner and silent auction set for Oct. 15. The event will be held at Woodhaven Restaurant at 6 p.m.

Executive Director Ricky Hardee said table sponsorship opportunities are available now for companies and the public. The fundraising effort helps improve housing conditions for Marion County residents.

“It’s a major fundraising campaign,” Hardee said. “When we had our 20th anniversary, we raised a good shot in the arm for us with $10,000 raised towards our home-building ministry. It’s huge for us.”

Hardee, serving nearly 10 years with Marion County Habitat, he said 25 years is a great milestone for the organization, crediting original board members Lewis Evans and Dr. Paul Demarco.

“We’ve come a long way,” Hardee said. “I hope we’re blessed with 25 more years.”

Over the years, Marion County Habitat for Humanity has moved forward with projects such as a resale store and dormitory housing unit for volunteers. “We have a real need for volunteers,” Hardee said. “We can’t get volunteers aside from the college groups. I encourage churches, women’s groups, men’s groups and youth groups looking for a mission project that there is one right here in the county.”

Habitat is also currently building its 37th home on Laurel Street in Mullins.

Board President Lewis Evans calls Habitat for Humanity a great impact to the community.

Founding board member Dr. Paul Demarco said the organization brings people together built a high number of houses for a small rural county.

Hardee said he wanted to encourage sponsorships and people to visit to understand what Marion County Habitat for the Humanity does for the community.

For more information or to donate door prizes call 843-464-3747.

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