MARION, S.C. -- Boeing officials paid a visit to Marion County Schools Wednesday informing students about the aerospace company.

Boeing Education Relations specialist Frank Hatten along with Communications Specialist Libba Holland encouraged students to keep the company in mind when considering a career-path. Boeing operates an assembly campus for its commercial airplanes division in North Charleston with up to 7,000 workers.

Holland said the Boeing Day initiative has a goal to reach all the counties in the state.

“High schools are really important for kids because they’re about to go to college and they’re thinking about their career-path,” she said. “If we can plant a little nugget of information that we exist and we’re in South Carolina making incredible airplanes then we have reached our goal. We’ve told them that we are here and they can work for a company like Boeing.”

Cheryl Lewis with the South Carolina Department of Commerce joined the Boeing officials as they saw students from the Creek Bridge STEM Academy display their lab work and skills in related areas such as coding. The group then followed up with presentations for a group of Marion High School science classes and students at the Academy for Careers & Technology.

The visits included learning activities, instructional video, prizes along with meet and greet.

Holland said it’s the second round of school visits with the goal of providing awareness to vast number of associated career fields.

“We’ve visited a lot different school districts and we work in concert with the S.C. Department of Commerce and their Pee Dee Regional Workforce Advisors, helping to set up all of these meetings and presentations,” Holland said. “Some of the times we come to school and present to them what Boeing South Carolina is and in other cases the students will present to us and show us what kind of STEM projects they’re doing and show-off the pride in their work in STEM activities.”

The Boeing representatives stop closed-out with a discussion at the Marion County Economic Development office.

Holland said all it takes is dedication, communication and critical thinking skills.

“Those are just some of the teams we like to have at Boeing,” she said. “We have messages for each grade level.”

Born in Atlantic City; raised in Mullins. Graduated from SC State University, home of the mighty Bulldogs. Editor of the Marion Star & Mullins Enterprise. Loves spending free time with his daughter. Huge sports fan.

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