MARON, S.C. -- The Marion County School District announced an online student registration/data validation system for the upcoming school year. The on-line registration system is a secure and green process, which allows the district to verify all returning students’ demographic, emergency and medical information prior to the start of the new school year.

The system will also allow parents to electronically sign the annual permission forms for school district policies such as the Acceptable User (internet) and media release forms.

In short, the online process replaces all the hard copy student registration and permission forms that students would bring home on the first day of school. This online registration process is also available for all new students coming to Marion County School District for the first time.

“Our goal in implementing the on-line registration process was to streamline the work of updating student records for our returning families, while making sure our records had the latest information needed,” Superintendent Dr. Kandace Bethea said. “This will also limit the amount of paper that is sent home at the beginning of each school year.”

The new registration process will be rolled out in two phases. Beginning Monday, students new to the district will go to the district website where a link will be available which will take families to the new registration site. Families will create an account which will establish a safe and secure connection to the registration forms. The process is well guided and user-friendly. Should families need assistance, there is a link they can use at the top right hand of the page or they can call the school or district for assistance.

The second phase, intended for returning students, will be released on Aug. 12, during district-wide registration when parents visit schools to meet new teachers and pick-up schedules, they will receive a letter with instructions on how to access the system for their child. The letter will contain a web address, instructions and a secure “snapcode” that links directly to their child’s information.

Parents will create an account, that they will use each year for this process, and submit a form for each student in their family. To make the process easier for families with multiple students, they will have the option to copy all generic family information to all other students in the family. The student registration process will not be complete until the forms have been submitted. Schools will have computer labs open and staffed to assist parents or parents may take their information home and complete the registration online from their home computer or other internet connected device.

Parents may also access the on-line registration through the Parent Portal which will eliminate the need for a “snapcode.” During the first few weeks of school, when parents log into the Parent Portal, they will see a link to update their children’s information. The link will be active at the beginning of each school year and again mid-year in January.

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