Two Fathers

When your earthly father’s passed away and no longer here to love

Isn’t it great to have another father up above?

A father who’s omnipotent and perfect in His power

A loving “Abba Father” who protects us every hour.

When we are prone to do wrong things as we so often do

His love for us doesn’t wane a bit; it’s always perfect and true.

But when we keep on being bad and acting up a bit

He’ll sometimes give our backs a whack with a loving Heavenly switch.

When problems come and try our faith He’s always at our side

And always just a prayer away to help us turn the tide.

Although He’s got a lot of things to manage all the time

Our inmost needs and problems are always on His mind.

Though some folks say He isn’t real and we use Him as a crutch

Who do they think made all the stuff that we enjoy so much?

All of the things He is and does are too much for my mind

But the one thing that I’m certain of: He loves us all the time.

While earthly fathers try real hard to rid our lives of strife

Our heavenly Father gives much more: the “chance” for eternal life.



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