Old Guy on Tom’s Passing

My wife and I were in Winston Salem, North Carolina, getting ready to watch Clemson play Wake Forest on Saturday night when she saw on her phone that Tom Kinard had passed away. I was shocked.

From time to time I kinda “play DJ” and send out songs to several people I have on an email list. Tom was one of those. While I’m sure some on the list see my email and hit delete without playing the songs, I’m sure Tom did not. He would almost always return a thankful email to me saying how much he enjoyed the music.

He would sometimes tell a story of how he interviewed the artist at one time or what the song meant to him. Tom loved anything from old traditional country to ‘50s-to-’70s oldies to beach music (which is what I send). As much as he loved music, he loved people more. I knew he had some health issues in the past, but his passing was a shock.

As I get older, I seem to pay attention to the obits more in the paper. Tom was truly one of the good guys. He will be missed. It is sad to have to remove him from my email list, but I’m sure heaven is rejoicing at his homecoming.

May God comfort his family. RIP my friend.