Who’s the real aggressor? Iran or US?

It seems that people applauding our killing of Iran’s Gen. Soleimani have trouble understanding why some of us have reservations about that decision. Marc Thiessen’s column in the Jan. 9 edition of the Morning News claims that killing that leader, who was widely respected in Iran, will make us safer from Iranian hostility. Thiessen thinks that Iran is the aggressor toward the United States. Actually, the United States has been more the aggressor.

The first U.S. regime change operation against Iran was in 1953, when the CIA helped the British interfere in Iranian politics to change the democratically elected regime, resulting in the coup that put the Shah Pahlavi in power. For a long time, the Shah did what we wanted, but in 1979 he was overthrown in a popular uprising that put the present Irani regime in power. Since then, the United States has, with the partial exception of President Obama, been continuously trying to change Iran’s regime back again to a government more to our liking.

The Iranian government has barely managed to stave off defeat by the American government. The United States is overwhelmingly stronger militarily, but the Iranians have fought back with more primitive weapons like roadside bombs and by giving help to other U.S. enemies in the region. When you hit a wasp nest, the insects will try to sting you, but that doesn’t mean the wasps’ whole purpose in life is to sting people.

Yes, the Iranians are fighting against U.S. goals in the Mideast, but that doesn’t prove that hate is their only motivation.



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