Where Are We Going?

When you’re very young and full of pep you think you’ll live forever

But as you live a few more years your confidence will waver.

Your lower back gets very stiff and both arms get so weak

That you can hardly lift a gallon of milk or open a can of soup.

You think more often of your heavenly home that you’ll soon be going to

But before you get there you worry about all the ailments you’ll go through.

You wonder how the world will get along with you being in charge

You’ve always felt so important, making decisions small and large.

But folks have been living and dying for many many years

And the world keeps spinning around and around just as though they had never been here

The sun keeps rising in the east and setting in the west

The showers keep coming in April to make the flowers in May bloom best.

Birds keep building their nests in spring and singing their sweet bird songs.

The tides will keep going in and out long after we are gone

Our loved ones will miss us for a while but they say “Time heals all wounds.”

Our main concern should be just where we’ll go when our life reaches high noon.