Walmart invests in its associates

Like many of my colleagues, I took a job at Walmart to pick up additional income. I didn’t expect it to become a career until I learned how the company is investing in its associates without strings or unreasonable expectations for repayment.

Four years ago, I was originally hired as a grocery department manager. Since then, I’ve been promoted to assistant store manager at the South Irby Street Supercenter in Florence.

One day, I was looking at Walmart’s website and started researching the Live Better U program — an initiative allowing employees to work toward a college degree for just $1 a day. Walmart covers the cost of tuition, books and fees to provide access to college degrees without taking student loans.

And what do they ask of their employees in return? Nothing. There is no contract or repayment plan — my employer is just investing in me. Today, I’m working toward a business management and leadership degree while also growing my career with Walmart.

For many of my co-workers, college never seemed attainable, but I tell all of them to enroll in the programs being offered by Walmart through Live Better U. They really are setting us up to be successful as associates and as individuals.

I am grateful to Walmart for allowing me to further my education and invest in myself.