The Power in a Hug

When some folks get all stressed out and burdened down with life

Sometimes a simple little hug will help relieve their strife.

A hug is a very simple thing and a very simple act

Just put your arms around their neck and pat them on the back.

When someone loses a loved one and you don’t know what to share

A hug is all it takes sometimes to let them know you care.

Sometimes when folks haven’t had a hug in many, many days

You have to show them how to hug by showing them the way.

When your wife gets up in the morning and is feeling out of sorts

Just grab her neck and hug it; it’ll help her day restart.

When you run into an old school mate and can’t remember their name

Just give them a hug and say how nice it is to see them once again.

When you go to church on Sunday and some things don’t go your way

Just hug the necks of those around you and most problems will go away.

The warmest hug feeling that I get is thinking that one day

Because of what Jesus did on my behalf, he’ll hug my neck and say “welcome.”