Socialism still doesn’t work

This letter is in response to the Jan. 5 letter by Angela Kubinec. I agree with the factual part of this letter, but I disagree with the sixth and seventh paragraphs that expressed her personal opinions.

The social security tax is not just paid by employees. Employers also pay a SS tax that is equal to the amount paid by the employee. In the case of self-employed people, they must fill out form SE and pay a self-employment tax. Railroad employees do not pay SS tax; they pay a railroad retirement tax.

From a financial standpoint, I would be better off if social security had never been instituted. Since I was what the IRS calls a highly compensated employee, I paid the maximum into SS for many years. I once calculated that if I had the money to invest that I and my employers paid into SS, that fund today would be worth at least $2 million. I would then be drawing $80,000 per year instead of a paltry $34,027.20. I have been paying SS tax since 1960.

The prospect of losing personal wealth because of socialism does burn me. While people who had the same opportunities in their youth that I did were partying, I was studying and working to acquire the qualifications necessary to become a highly compensated employee. While these people were spending their money playing the big shot and calling me four-eyes and geek, I was investing mine. Now these people want for free what I worked for; and politicians give it to them in the interest of getting votes. But in an attempt to avoid losing the votes of people like me, our government runs trillion-dollar deficits rather than making us pay as we go.

I have no problem about paying for a program to help those people who, through no fault of their own, need help. I do not believe in the give-away programs that we now have that trap people into a cycle of poverty. I believe in the adage, “Don’t just give a man a fish; teach him to fish.” We have over 80 entitlement programs that cost over $1 trillion per year. This indicates that none of them work.

I started first grade in 1949. For seventy years I have been hearing that schools need more money. They don’t. We need the administrators to make proper use of the money they have rather than putting it into empire building. Take a look at the new Delmae Elementary School. It has many expensive architectural features that have nothing to do with education. Look to the military and to industry if you want to learn how to efficiently educate people. But this requires discipline and accountability, and we sure don’t want that.

It would be beneficial for everyone in this country to read the Manifesto of the Communist Party and then realize that, in Marxist doctrine, socialism is just the transitional state between the overthrow of capitalism and the implementation of communism.



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