Priest was upholding church’s doctrine

I am responding to a letter in Wednesday’s paper on St. Anthony’s.

I have another view on the incident involving Joe Biden and St. Anthony’s. I was raised in the Protestant faith but lived in a predominant Catholic community. Our neighbors were primarily devout Catholics, and across the street from my home was the Catholic Church and elementary school.

My parents raised all eight of their children to show respect for others regardless of their beliefs and to refrain from passing judgment when they acted contrary to the way we were taught. This included our differing views on religion.

I had many friends who were members of the Catholic faith, and often I did not quite understand why they had to go to confession on Saturday evening rather than out to the movie, or why our neighbor faithfully walked to attend mass daily at 7 a.m. before leaving for his job.

But I was often told by my mother “they are carrying out their commitment to their church and its doctrines.” We often discussed those differences and learned to respect.

The priest at St. Anthony’s is committed through his vows to uphold the doctrine of the Catholic Church, and that applies to carrying out the strict rules of procedure that accompanies all rites in the church. Biden knows that, but he was expecting “exception,” and that is what the priest refused. He treated Biden as he would have treated any other person who entered his sanctuary requesting communion who did not commit to the church doctrine.

How can we be critical of the priest carrying out his duties in the church he is assigned to honor and uphold? While you are in the home of another person, do you expect to do as you please, or do you “honor” that person’s home and the rules and regulations of their home?

Sadly, we have lost so much of our civility in our present society that we do not know how to honor others who think different or act different from ourselves.

We are losing our ability to seek knowledge and understanding of differences and then respect those differences through civil actions.



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