Lunch on Wednesday

I attended the S.C. AgriBiz & Farm Expo on Jan. 15-16 in Florence. The Carolina Hemp Conference was part of the expo, and that interested me, so I attended the morning and afternoon sessions on both days. The presentations were excellent, and I came to understand that there is a legitimate up-and-coming hemp business here in South Carolina.

The expo served locally grown lunch, and on Wednesday while sitting alone at a table, two male attendees joined me and we struck up a conversation. They talked about the worst president ever, Obama.

I shared that our worst president ever is in office now, Donald Trump. I shared that I agreed with them that the Baby Boomer generation needs to be out of Washington, because they have not managed this country well at all. Take for example that our parents fought World War II, then came home and became educated at a reasonable cost and went to work and paid for the war. They built the highway system across America and they paid for it. They built our infrastructure that we have today and paid for it. They built homes that they paid for. They did not pass the debt on to their kids.

The Baby Boomers have put us into $22 trillion of debt, and we are still paying for the war in Vietnam (not to mention the Gulf Wars), and our infrastructure is falling apart all across America. We have not maintained the debt-free infrastructure our parents passed on to us, but the Baby Boomers will pass our irresponsible debt on to our kids, grandkids and possibly great-grandkids.

You would have to say that Trump has been good for the economy, one of the men said. I shared that the economy has been recovering since the housing crisis in 2008, and we are at a crescendo now, doing better than anyone thought we would be doing 12 years ago. That may be changing soon. It is the businesses and the citizens working daily all over America that pulled the economy to this point, not any of the presidents, who often make poor economic decisions with negative consequences and take credit for every positive thing that happens within 25,000 miles of them.

One of the men asked if I thought Trump would be removed from office. I shared that I do not think the Republican Senate will remove Trump from office, but Trump will always be impeached.

Do you think he can win reelection, another asked? I shared that I think that he could be re-elected, but I will not be voting for him.

One of the men said to the other, he might be a Democrat. I shared that I am a Democrat. When they got up from the table, both came over and shook my hand while looking me in the eye before they walked away.