Integrity still matters

It will be sad if Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, joins the ranks of “dead men walking.” To the best of my knowledge, this man had a very honorable track record.

When you cut deals with killers, you are wed to them. There is no better, only worse. If you do not toe the line, they will kill you or your family.

Paul Manafort became one when he dealt with dangerous people. Any truth from this man will bring him instant peril. Recently deceased Jeffery Epstein’s illegal activities with the rich and famous made him a member of this club.

Witnesses and legal documentation will exonerate an innocent man. Only a “dead man walking” will find the need to suppress.

In today’s communication environment, it is impossible for public officials to permanently suppress illegal activity. Fortunately, integrity is still an important character trait.



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