How about some Thom Anderson reruns?

One of the reasons I would look forward to getting the Morning News on Sunday was to read Thom Anderson’s column. I could relate easily to his stories about earlier times in Florence, since I, like Thom, am a native Florentine.

I miss him reminiscing about how it used to be in “the olden days.” I miss him expounding on those notable among us, about his train trips and his escapades as a young lad.

Now that place on the Opinion page that used to be his has been replaced by another journalist. How wonderful it would be if the Morning News would begin to run some of Thom’s earlier musings — some from way back when he first started writing them. I believe many people who subscribe to the Morning News would agree with me.

Having his columns appear again would be so delightful and a tribute to this fine gentleman and journalist.