Get over impeachment; get down to business

I do not put stock in anything that any politician says. All politicians state only that part of the story that supports their own point of view or goals, and they have no compunctions about embellishing on the truth. Watch C-SPAN to see examples every day. The Democratic Party leadership is going overboard in their attempts to remove President Trump from office.

On Nov. 14, Nancy Pelosi said that Trump’s Ukraine actions amount to bribery. This is where the Democratic leadership is now hanging its collective hat, because it is one of the two specific actions for impeachment stated in Article II Section 4 of our Constitution. (The other is treason.) When I read what Pelosi said, I thought that maybe there is a definition of “bribery” that I don’t know about; so I opened my New World Dictionary of the American Language and looked it up. “Bribery” sent me to “bribe.” A bribe is anything, especially money, given or promised to induce a person to do something illegal or wrong. It can also be anything given or promised to induce a person to do something against his wishes.

Since conducting an investigation of the Bidens is not illegal, the Democrats must be saying that it is wrong or against Ukrainian wishes. By the dictionary definition of “bribe,” I don’t see how withholding aid qualifies. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is simply attempting to present unrelated facts in a manner that he hopes will lead the audience to his desired erroneous conclusion.

On Nov. 7, Marc Thiessen of the Washington Post Writers Group wrote, “Why don’t Dems drop impeachment, just censure Trump?” He went on to describe the results of various polls that essentially showed that most Americans think that Trump did something wrong in the Ukrainian affair but that his actions were not illegal or impeachable. Thiessen then suggested that Congress censure President Trump and described the 1834 censure of President Jackson. Thiessen forgot to mention a critical fact; when the Democrats regained control of Congress, they expunged the censure of Jackson.

In my opinion, there will be no censure, because it would not achieve the Democrats goal of removing President Trump from office. That can only be accomplished by impeachment. It would be nice if they would put as much effort into doing their job of solving the problems of our country, most of which they created, as they are putting into overriding the results of a valid election.

Talk about corruption! It appears to me that our Democrat-controlled House does not agree with the statement that Florence County Democratic Chairwoman LaShonda NeSmith made in 2017 concerning representation. “We just want Congressman Rice to know that we’re his constituents, and we want him to know that we deserve representation, too. Whether I’m a Democrat, a Republican, a liberal or conservative, he’s supposed to represent me.”

Or maybe they think it applies only to Republicans.



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