Fascists are still using coup d’etat

The government department that is in charge of bringing charges for a coup d’état should bring charges against the news channels, the newspapers, the government officials and all others who are trying to destroy our country. They are bringing false, unproven charges against President Donald Trump as they try to oust him.

The U.S. Congress now have their fascistic views in the open and are now not trying to even hide it any longer.

We the citizens of the United States of America are now seeing our own Roland Freisler, as Adolf Hitler had, but, our coup d’état judge is called Adam Schiff. When I watch him work with what I classify as criminal intent to overthrow the duly elected president, I am reminded of how Freisler, a Nazi judge, would downgrade and besmirch the German people who carried out the bombing of Adolf Hitler (but failed).

In our next election, we must be sure to vote for people who love and respect our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. And we must oppose all who are trying to change for the worst and those who will destroy our rights, our freedoms and our country.



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