Democrats have lost their minds

Just wondering: Have you ever been to court and the prosecutions ask the jury if they will bring in more witnesses to help prove their case?

President Donald Trump was acquitted, and I think many people can see through the Democrats’ game. What exactly have the Democrats done for this country or the American people other than fight Trump every step of the way? Absolutely nothing!

Well, on to see what we learned from the State of the Union address about the Democrats. ...

1. When Trump said we are putting Americans first. ... Cricket silence

2. We will protect your Second Amendment rights. ... Cricket silence

3. All life is important and no late-term abortions. ... Cricket silence.

4. We are building our military. ... Cricket silence.

5. People off welfare. ... Cricket silence.

6. Great economy. ... Cricket silence.

I could go on all day, but if you can’t see the problem here, you are part of the problem. The only thing that annoyed me more than the cricket silence was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi acting like she was chewing cud and talking to herself, then tearing up the copy of President Trump’s State of the Union speech. Very professional of Pelosi.

The left are so far left they have lost their minds. My grandparents were Democrats, but I can promise you they would not support the socialist party they have become. They are power hungry and care about no one but themselves. It’s clear to me, and I talk to many people on social media from around the country. It’s clear to them also.

We the people will have a say in November. I hope Trump wins by a landslide. Then we have four more years of making America great again and sadly four more years of the Democrats doing nothing but fighting President Trump all the way while they support anything and anyone that goes against Americans.

Keep making America great. Vote for Trump in 2020.