Closing career center a huge injustice

I moved to Florence several months ago. I enjoy the area very much.

Coming from the coast, I needed a more tranquil area to enjoy retirement. Florence is a great fit.

My heart is truly broken with the possible closure of the District 1 Career Center.

I enjoyed a career in (physical aspects) of construction, welding, crane operation, woodwork, auto repair, bodywork and much more.

I was fortunate, after several orthopedic problems, to be hired for an entry sales position in the retail automobile business.

This was 100% commission. No effort, no $$$.

God sold every vehicle, helped me earn every penny, blessed me in so many ways for 25-plus years.

My reason for sharing this history is that closing the career center is a huge injustice to everyone in Florence County and surrounding areas.

I wish I could have taken advantage of something like this on Johns Island when I was hungry for a trade.