Ban, control and dictate

This is the lunacy agenda of the Democrats who are vying for your vote for the presidency. They want to control every aspect of our lives. They want to take away our health care, our guns, our vote, our judges, our freedom, our beef, our cars and our GOD. Surely only a godless world would exist.

The Democrats are a party of hate, anger and destruction. Overnight they switched their beliefs from capitalism to socialism, which is a wrecker of nations and a destroyer of freedoms. Socialists are anti-God and anti-freedom, which always lead to communism and atheism. With a socialist system, eventually it will run out of somebody else’s money.

These left-wing candidates want illegal aliens to receive all social benefits (food stamps, free housing, etc.) that belong to our legal citizens. They want to give illegals free health insurance while Americans living here can barely pay their health insurance, if they have insurance at all. Never mind that illegals are breaking our law (criminals) by crossing the U.S. border illegally.

Candidate Beto O’Rouke said, “... yes, we’re gonna take your guns.” (I don’t think so.)

Candidate Pete Buttigieg incorrectly interprets the Bible, stating that babies in the womb are not alive. Therefore his belief of abortion is not a sin. So I have to wonder where Buttigieg got his ecclesiastical license from. Certainly it was not from the Holy Bible. “God gives the breath of life to babies in the womb.” (Genesis 2:7)

Candidate Elizabeth Warren also is a believer in socialism. She hates the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). If the worst happens that she may be elected president, you can kiss all money you made in the stock market (during Trump’s presidency) goodbye. Think about buying gold and silver.

Candidate Kamala Harris was an attorney general in California’s dirty politics. She tried to get gag orders to restrict pro-life persons from talking about the killing mills (abortion centers). Did Harris forget our First Amendment?

Candidate Bernie Sanders speaks for himself, a self-proclaimed socialist, communist and atheist.

These big-government socialists are obsessed with tearing down President Trump and pushing their radical agenda. These socialist schemes would be a disaster for our country after all of the work President Trump and the Republicans have done to Keep America Great. They are trying the impeachment crap because they know they cannot win in the 2020 election. The Democrats live in a different world than us normal people.



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