Appreciate the now of your life

It is a new time in my life. I am lonely. My mother is gone, and I am missing her now.

Why did I not miss her all of those days before, as she was merely a phone call away? I understood she was there, and that seemed enough. How many times did I think of a thing and reach for the phone and call her, “Hey, Mom? I just thought of something. …” So am I suddenly thinking of things that now warrant a call? Not really. The problem is that I can’t call her.

What is it about human nature that makes us want what isn’t available to us? Why do we take for granted the things and people that are readily available? With a look around, we see all of the things that are there. With a phone, we could miraculously reach out and touch someone at any time, but that doesn’t impress us. It is right there. It will be so an hour, a day from now. Why should I bother with it now, while I am thinking about all the things that I can’t do, the people that aren’t there to call?

If we live in the past, we live with what is no more. If we live with a mindset toward the future, we neglect what is right there in front of us, in exchange for what may never be. The past is an illusion. The future is a fantasy. There is only now. You hear this, and it is so obvious that we dismiss it without proper consideration.

Look around at what is there around you right now. Who is it that sits near a device that will connect you to them right here in the same now? Appreciate the now of your life. Everything else begins to take a back seat to that which we can experience in this moment, this now. Perhaps this might lessen the regrets that drive us, that drives me to this place that I am now. Just a thought. Maybe I’ll call someone. … Maybe later, in the future.



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