The preface is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia bought the 45th floor of Trump Tower on June 2001.

The “plan” is Iran sends drones to destroy oil facilities of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is an ally of America, which “owns” the ability to retaliate with extreme drone prejudice on all of Iran’s oil-production facilities, making this plan seem “ludicrous.” Who in the world could benefit from Mideast countries blowing up their primary sources for income?

Arms sales, military activation and domestic oil prices would certainly be a boost to some country’s economy.

Ludicrous cannot be put into context. For instance, weapons of mass destruction toward innocent men, women and children in this country cannot be kept out of the hands of homegrown terrorists. Yet we can destroy an entire nation, displacing millions of people, while killing hundreds of thousands of people who had no weapons of mass destruction. Our fear is alienating the NRA. Who in the world is running this country?

From Jesus’ standpoint, is our Second Amendment right sanctified? Who knows? Ten Commandment sins might no longer be big sins.

One last point is these predator drones might come home to roost. Only one country has the potential to implement such a “plan” and not be accused.

America’s problem is the mirror.



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