AMA award well-deserved

In April of this year, the Elizabeth Pettigrew Durant Children’s Center celebrated its 25th anniversary. That achievement would not have been possible without the leadership and commitment of Dr. William H. Hester.

Co-leading the multidisciplinary task force in 1989, Dr. Hester oversaw the development of a protocol for responding agencies to child abuse and neglect, a comprehensive training for area professionals and the establishment of specialized medical services for the assessment of child sexual assault victims. The opening of the Durant Center in April of 1994 marked the establishment of the second such children’s advocacy center in S.C. — the first being in Charleston.

Dr. Hester and his wife, Betty, have been at the forefront of significant accomplishments for our community and state in general and the Pee Dee Coalition in particular. The coalition’s birth in 1986 and subsequent 24-hour crisis response along with the first emergency safe shelter in the region would not have been possible without their involvement and support.

We are incredibly fortunate to have in our midst someone of the caliber of Dr. Hester whose continued commitment to the health and well-being of so many remains to this day.

On behalf of the countless individuals whose lives Dr. Hester has touched in a myriad of ways, we congratulate him on his recent AMA award.


Executive Director, Pee Dee Coalition


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