A good political forecast for 2020?

Could it be that a recent article in your publication is a forecast of the political landscape for the year 2020?

Matt Christian’s article on Dec. 10 noted a 75% increase in attendance at the Florence County Republican Party’s monthly meeting and a 65% increase in membership. Such dramatic growth is not common.

Since most people agree that everything rises or falls on leadership, that factor is no doubt a part of the county GOP’s impressive numbers. There are, however, additional factors that may help explain these gains.

The decision to have civil discourse with people who have opposing views of the party’s platform have proven beneficial. It’s true that the platform has no great surprises in it, but just as the founding fathers credited God as the author of unalienable rights, so does the county party’s platform.

This platform, in the words of the current party chairman, was crafted with hopes of restoring the values and principles that made this country great in the first place.

Many people doubt it’s possible to lessen the coarse and vitriolic speech that dominates most political conversation these days. I am, however, encouraged that at least this group of civic-minded citizens is attempting to accomplish such a lofty goal. The county platform as ratified is as follows:

We believe.

God: the creator of unalienable rights.

Prayer: consequential and effective.

Right to life: from conception through natural death.

Limited government: a republic with states & local rights.

Border security: a wall where needed plus administration.

Education: based on truth, available, excellence, cost effective and affordable.

Economic freedom: locally, state wide & nationally based on capitalism & debt free.

Individual rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness based on individual quest and personal effort.

Environment: man is to subdue and protect it — God sustains it.

Health care: affordable, available, high quality, supports research and development.

Free trade: free but fair.



2nd vice chair, FCGOP