What is with the Democratic leadership?

All of my life, I have been a political independent. Now that campaigning for the 2020 election is in full swing, I have heard and read some of the most ridiculous statements of my life.

I have not voted Democratic in a good many years, because I feel that the last acceptable Democratic presidential candidate was Jimmy Carter. It is just too bad that he couldn’t get along with Congress.

In September, I wrote three letters concerning the proposals of presidential candidates. I chastised Joe Walsh for proposing nothing; he only criticized President Donald Trump. Today I will criticize Tom Steyer for the same thing.

Steyer calls Trump a fraud and a failure. I listened to his campaign commercial during the football games on a recent weekend. He has a different definition of these attributes than I do. I find it hard to believe that a billionaire is still knocking Trump’s bankruptcies. If I could make a billion dollars by filing bankruptcy, I would do it, too.

As Trump said during the 2016 campaign, “Don’t blame me for following the law; blame the idiots who made the law.” Steyer said absolutely nothing about what he hoped to accomplish, let alone how. He violated every rule that I have for campaigning. I could never vote for him.

Ever since Trump’s nomination, much of the Democratic leadership tried to prevent his election by trying to get the electoral college to violate state laws and cast their votes for Clinton. After failing in that effort, they have continuously tried to remove him from office through impeachment.

They have made themselves look so ridiculous that I would have a rough time voting Democratic if Harry Truman or John Kennedy were running. The call for impeachment is nothing more than another political ploy. If they had a case, they would do it. Talk doesn’t get the job done. The Democrats just want to keep the issue before the electorate because most Americans don’t know how the impeachment process works.

If the Democrats put forth as much effort in trying to solve our national problems as they do in trying to remove Trump from office, maybe we could actually get some real improvements in our country. Although I have become anti-Democrat, I can still claim to be independent, because there are more parties than the Republicans and Democrats.



What is your interest in interest?

You may not have any interest in interest, but your life may depend on it. The latest idea of saving the country from financial disaster is 0% or negative interest. This will enable the government to avoid having any cost in borrowing and giving away or spending money that does not exist.

The poor and retirees are going to be the first casualties of this policy, because eliminating medical care and retirement are the government’s top priorities for saving the financial spending abuses of our leaders. The virtually nonexistent middle class will be next, because programs to eliminate affordable housing are being seriously considered.

Many of the “baby boomers” had to finance their homes with 8%-plus interest rates. In many instances it took 10 years to pay back college loans. Those that were affluent in this group could put their discretionary income in stocks or get a safe return of 12.25% on a five-year CD in 1985. Other “boomers” were trying to put their children through college without the burden of college debt. Having a CD at this time was laughable. So the ability to save significantly was limited as parents tried to improve the future of their children through education.

Programs developed that allowed economically and educationally disadvantaged people to participate in home ownership and materialism acquisition (automobiles, appliances and electronic gadgets). Many of these folks were underpaid and provided with no retirement or benefits. They became buried under predatory interest rates.

Retirees who were fortunate enough to accumulate savings are finding those savings depleting at an alarming rate because they have no way of getting a good return on a safe investment. Seniors with limited savings are being forced because of their longevity to venture into risky investments that will accelerate their losses.

Is your “interest” in penalizing the senior part of American society that has worked extremely hard to make a better life for you and your children?



Goodwill founder would be proud

As we celebrate 40 years of service to coastal South Carolina, I want to take time to thank every person who has ever donated to Palmetto Goodwill, supported our events, shopped in our stores, partnered with us or volunteered their time.

When Palmetto Goodwill opened its doors in 1979 with six employees and a $90,000 budget, nobody envisioned the immense impact it would have, providing training, employment and community services to more than 400,000 people and placing 19,157 people into new jobs during that span.

We are proud that more than 90 cents of every dollar we generate from our business services and through the sales of donated items continues to provide these same services in the communities we serve. These revenues now allow Palmetto Goodwill to annually provide over 41,000 services to more than 15,000 individuals and assist with the placement of more than 3,000 people into new jobs. The unsold donations we receive also result in over 16 million pounds of waste and e-waste being diverted from area landfills.

I truly believe Goodwill founder the Rev. Edgar Helms would be proud of the work we have done over the past 40 years. But I also believe he would encourage us to continue moving forward with new initiatives that help more people overcome their barriers to employment and become more self-sufficient and prosperous.

As Palmetto Goodwill continues to grow and evolve, we are humbled and grateful for the community support that allows us to serve a greater good, and we remain committed to being a valued provider of education, training and employment services to those in need. On behalf of our board of directors, employees, partner agencies and, most importantly, the people we serve, I want to thank you. We are truly grateful for your contributions and continued support, and we promise to make our next 40 years even more successful!


President & CEO

Palmetto Goodwill

North Charleston

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