It is lamentable to see Beto O’Rouke’s and Pete Buttigeg’s anti-American rant du jour apologizing for being white males due to their ancestors’ history of slavery. Is this political rhetoric really relevant to the more immediate issues facing our country ?

Did Americans wake up one morning and suddenly become aghast by the mass media and the Democratic candidates’ astonishing revelation that 300 years ago this country was developed by white men who practiced slavery, and thus we now should be ashamed to be Americans?

Do Germans really need reminding today that Hitler’s Nazis once enslaved and indiscriminately slaughtered millions of Jews? Do Russians need to be re-informed that Stalin’s socialist communist regime had slave camps and killed even more millions of political prisoners?

The Democrats’ divisive narrative conveniently circumvents the complete story. Historians confirm that other nations, even Africa, had slavery for centuries even though it was morally wrong. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died 160 years ago in a war that permanently eliminated slavery in America, and hundreds of thousands more were killed in World War II to prevent future enslavement of Americans by Germany and Japan.

Since that war, hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars have been spent by several Democratic and Republican administrations to successfully improve the opportunities for education and living conditions of African-Americans. The voluminous media disinformation is another compelling reason for secondary education and colleges to make American history, civics and economics core requirements for graduation.

Do the liberal elitists really think that average Americans are so dumb as to not see through these dog whistle tactics as an obvious political pandering to minority groups just to win votes? Minorities everywhere should be offended by this patronizing approach.

Even recognizing our many shortcomings, America is still the most caring and charitable country in the world in respect to helping the underserved. Despite the left’s hatred for the 1%, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet convinced 40 of their billionaire friends to sign a pact that they will distribute one half of their fortunes to charity. Beats government control of handouts.

Instead of sanctimonious shouting about racism, Democrats and Republicans should focus on collaborating on more substantive solutions facing our citizens regarding opioid deaths, immigration reform, health care and controlling mass shootings.



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