My special-needs brother Danny Wright passed away just four weeks ago. When you lose someone you have been close to all your life, it leaves a large void in your heart and your lives forever.

Before our parents passed away, I promised them and God (with His help) that I would take care of Danny as long as I lived. God helped me keep that promise and commitment to him. My husband, Ronald, was by my side supporting me and helping me through the years with Danny because he loved Danny, too. He was never a burden to us. It was a joy, pleasure and honor to be his sister, friend, caregiver and his advocate.

I thank God for giving Danny to our family. Danny didn’t realize he was a teacher, but he was. He showed and taught us compassion, love, joy and understanding, and he made us laugh. We didn’t have to give him expensive gifts to make him happy. The love of family was what he wanted and cherished, and there certainly was plenty of that to go around. Danny loved those around him, especially those who were kind, good and loving to him.

We grew up going to church, and Danny loved learning about Jesus and he loved gospel music. If people could have seen the world through Danny’s heart and mind, the world would certainly be a much better place today.

If you see someone a little different, don’t be afraid to take the time to know them and understand them. Spend some time with that person, You will be pleasantly surprised what you can learn, and I don’t think you will be disappointed. You will have a new friend and lots of memories that you can keep in your heart forever.

Danny lived at Commander Nursing Center, and he called it home. He loved and enjoyed all of the activities they provided.

I want to thank Mr. Joe Commander III and Mr. Joe Commander IV, who were always available to talk with me. Thank you for caring about our family member and seeing not only to Danny’s needs but to the needs of all the residents. Thank you to physical therapists and those who worked with Danny. To the activity director and staff who planned many special activities to entertain the residents, there was Sunday school, preaching, musical groups, playing bingo and the birthday parties you had each month for the ones who had a birthday, or sitting in the rocking chairs in the glassed-in porch. Danny loved it all.

To the nurses and the techs who took care of Danny. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you for caring about and loving my brother. I don’t want to forget the office staff who always greeted us with a big smile and kind words every time we entered the facility. Thank you and God bless you all.

From a sister who will never forget a wonderful loving and special brother.



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