It is very lamentable to see the letter to the editor by Carroll Player that was published Sunday in the Morning News (“Slavery rhetoric is misguided”).

The writer describes the issue as one that shouldn't matter because it happened 300 years ago, and he seems to suggest that no one really cares. Player also makes the suggestion that Jews shouldn't care about the holocaust either, because it happened so long ago.

Player appears to argue for history lessons that portray South Carolina as a fountain of anti-slavery support during the Civil war, but he forgets the long-lasting effects that slavery had on black Americans. Player fails to note how anger over the freedom of slaves led South Carolina to discriminate against them through the use of Jim Crow laws that lasted well into the 1960s.

Player fails to understand that knowing the history of slavery and its effects, as well as the history of the holocaust, prevents the state from making the same mistakes in the future. He argues that other nations also had slaves, but since when do the bad actions of another nation justify or affect the decisions made in this country?

Player's letter portrays him as a person angered by the bad light cast on the South for its support of slavery and the efforts to educate our youth on the pitfalls of the past. I was very saddened by his attempt to sweep our country's history of injustice, as well as those of other nations, under the rug and use the past sins of other regions as a springboard to launch an assault on political candidates.

Player should be ashamed of his letter’s content, and it is very sad to see his vile words published in such a fine newspaper.



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