In regard to Donna Carter's letter to the editor Saturday ("Departures are disappointing"), I agree with her on the two doctors mentioned, Dr. Rajesh Malik and Dr. Brian Wall, and their departure from the McLeod Regional Medical Center. They have both gone above and beyond their respective "Call of Duty" as they treat their patients, literally having the patients' lives in their hands.

I assume that McLeod will hire doctors who are fresh out of their training and do not have the experience that Malik and Wall have. Of course, these new doctors will be paid much less, and in the long run, we the patients of Malik and Wall will suffer from the new doctors' inadequacy. Dr. Wall was the best the McLeod Regional Medical Center had, as was proven by his many awards. I feel for him having to go through the moving process with his family.

McLeod Regional Medical Center is going to lose patients to MUSC Health-Florence Medical Center.