To stay married for a long long time takes a certain amount of skill

Rather than running your mouth, sometimes it’s best to keep it still.

You have to know just how to act when the rolling pin is near

And rather than being a smarty pants, it’s best to say “Yes, dear.”

When your wife wakes up in the morning and doesn’t immediately start to talk

It’s best to put the collar on the dog and take him for a walk.

When sweetie’s watching a midday soap and a game’s on ESPN

It’s best that you just take a nap; they’ll play next week again.

When she’s telling other folks how wonderful you are

Although you know it’s all a lie, just go along with her.

When supper is slightly undercooked and she puts it on the table

Just keep chewing and swallowing; it probably won’t be fatal.

When she goes to the store and beauty parlor and comes back looking a mess

Tell her how beautiful she looks; her hair, her nails, her dress.

To demonstrate your love for her, tell her each and every day

How thankful you are to God above for sending her your way.



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