The Florence area is not yet a metropolis, but it has grown to the extent that driving is now quite a problem.

Most drivers do go by the rules (bless you), which keeps traffic moving fairly well. Some drivers don’t, either by selfish unconcern (shame on you) or by ignorance (this is for you).

>> Turn right on red: Yes, you can! Probably the best law ever made by the S.C. Legislature, many years ago. If you stop at the red light first and no vehicle is close at hand to come across your lane, you can turn right and be on your way. And the relieved drivers behind you can do the same.

>> First up at red light: When the light turns green and a quick glance shows no one crossing on red, it is your responsibility to go ahead. It is a great holdup of traffic in Florence, and probably every other town, that the lead driver sits there for precious seconds holding up everybody in line. The usual culprit is a cell phone, which should not be in use in traffic.

>> Changing lanes where there is not safe room: Some speeders do this – just can’t wait a few seconds to do this safely. They are usually stopped at the next light anyway.

>> Clogging right lane when you are going straight ahead: If you are on Old Ebenezer Road and going to cross the big intersection to Pine Needles Road, get in the middle lane and don’t clog up the right lane for people needing to get a load to the recycling center.

I recently encountered all of these things in one morning, and many other times. Can’t we be a little more courteous and thinking? It’s just the Golden Rule, as is stopping on the yellow light when someone in across the intersection is trying to make a left turn.



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