I watched a substantial part of the doubleheader congressional hearing on July 24, enough to draw some hardly debatable conclusions:

>> The fact that no investigation into the basis of the inquiry – the dossier – (the man said it was beyond his "purview"), clearly indicates that Russian meddling was not the target of the independent council.

>> Stacking the staff with partisan individuals who openly oppose the duly elected president certainly suggests the real purpose of the investigation (though "integrity" was invoked, and "witchhunt" charges were dismissed).

>> And then there is "exoneration"? How can one be exonerated when no charges were filed against the real target of the farce?

But amazingly, there was apparently another hearing going on at the same time!

I watched the spectacle on ABC to see with clarity the above statements, but in their comments after the hearing, the ABC panel of experts had apparently watched a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HEARING. The lapses of the independent council were slightly noted, but these notes were lost in the praises of the man's resume and his zeal in rooting out election meddling (which is what his project was all about but never got around to). And the experts gushed over how much grief these "revelations" would cause the current administration.

Worse! The AP crew apparently saw the same hearing as the ABC people, as per their Thursday piece in the Morning News.

And to certify that the secondary hearing actually happened, the ever-reliable Kathleen Parker treated us to more of the same on Sunday.

So I guess it is that the networks ran two separate hearings: one for us "deplorables" and another for those in their own parallel universe.



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