Once again we have a lengthy letter telling us how some politician can solve all of the problems of our society.

Neither Bernie Sanders nor Donald Trump can cure the ills of our children who are not scoring high enough in the schools. That job belongs to parents and the school system, unhampered by politics.

Of all of the percentages of “failures” lurking in our schools, I just wonder: Do we have any success stories? Of those percentages cited in this letter, what percentage of those children read at home or are read to? How many are required by parents to do their homework that the teacher assigns? How many of those children have parent-teacher conferences?

You’ll be surprised at how eager your child’s teacher is to work with you to get your child a quality education. If the child (at any early age) sees that education is important to his parent, he will regard education in a healthy way.

The second half of Alexander’s letter itemizes all of the MONEY that Sanders will throw at us, specifically the area from “Marion County to Chesterfield and everywhere in between.” That just happens to be where I live, and I disagree with most of his letter.

These same children who are failing in the education system (as cited by the letter) will be the children who inhereit the bills for all of these political “improvements.” All we really need to do, with rare exemption, is start the child’s love of learning at home. There is just something special and personal about holding a “real book,” absorbing the information and images, thereby learning.

We don’t need Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to solve this problem. We need parents who care and want to see their child succeed. IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME! And it won’t cost a dime, just time.

I do agree that teachers should be paid a decent salary, but that should be the business of the state, not Washington, D.C.



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