I have received some of the best care at McLeod Regional Medical Center. I have witnessed firsthand the loving care that the nurses, doctors and staff put forth toward their patients.

I write this letter as I am sure many are aware by now that Dr. Malik will be leaving McLeod and South Carolina. I believe we are losing a gifted man. We are also losing another doctor — Dr. Brian Wall — for whom I also have the upmost respect. Again, I can speak from personal experience. At a time when I was scared to death not knowing what was going on and what was going to happen, both of these doctors were put in my life to render life-saving decisions concerning me and my health. I am very upset that they have chosen to leave our area. We need them here,

As I shared with Dr. Malik on my last visit in his office, I believe that whoever gets him, he will be a blessing, but I want that blessing to stay right here in South Carolina at McLeod Regional Medical Center.



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