I believe in a free America, and I feel that many people in S.C. are now misguided. The modern Democratic Party has turned or is turning into a fascist party. Many people think they are a Democrat, but they are following in the same steps as Hitler and other fascists and communists.

They think Republicans are racist and we hate everybody. Republicans still follow most of the ways of President Lincoln and the Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

Now they blame President Trump and his followers for all gun crimes, except in black communities.

I don’t understand why so many South Carolinians would welcome fascistic Democrats to speak at different places. How can preachers, so-called honest politicians and others have anything in common with these self-admitted socialists/fascists.

If anyone disagrees, read the history of the Third Reich and any other governments that have lost their rights and freedoms to fascism.

Another article was from an ex-soldier who called some guns assaults weapons that were not hunting guns. We in the United States do not sell fully automatic guns to the public. We are allowed to have semi-automatic arms. Any trained military person knows that AR-15 stands for ArmaLite and that the AR does not stand for “assault rifle.” Even the military rifle was first fully automatic in one position but then was changed to three-shot bursts because of overheating and hangups.

In Naval Special Warfare School, I was trained with all of the weapons that the U.S. military was using at that time, and the only weapons that we had that were fully automatic were the grease-gun, the Thompson machine gun, the M-60, the 30 cal.  machine gun and, of course, the MaDuce 50 caliber. All others in Vietnam were either bolt action or semi-automatic.

Many of our citizens use the AR-15 or the M-4 for target practice and/or hunting. Yes, these rifles are and can be used for hunting despite the small caliber. Some of the people who use them for hunting might be handicapped and can’t withstand the recoil of a higher-caliber hunting rifle. Some might be females or youth and can’t take the recoil of a larger-bore rifle. The small-caliber AR-15 lookalike is limited to an accuracy range of approximately 400 yards, roughly the same range as the M-2 30-caliber carbine that I used mostly in Vietnam.

I wrote to President Trump, Sen. Graham and am now giving notice to Rep. Rice that if they vote for the Red Flag law, I will not vote for them. It will just be another step to take over our rights. If this law is passed, then we veterans who have PTSD must fear that it will just be another step closer toward us losing our rights.

I hope the old Democratic Party will wise up and get rid of the crazy fascists on the left.




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