In a Jan. 20 article by Tyler Durden, he explains why many Republicans in select California districts watched what they thought were their victories of election night erode away over the next days and weeks as absentee votes were counted. This was reported as the result of vote harvesting, which allows anyone to go door-to-door collecting mail-in ballots on behalf of voters.

Illegal in many states, the practice flipped the Republican stronghold in Orange County to Democrat in 2018 because 250,000 vote-by-mail drop-offs were counted days and weeks after the election, so the article says.

What changes in their laws allowed this to happen?

>> 1. California law made it easy to register their voters by automatically adding to its rolls any person who has had interaction with its Department of Motor Vehicles, certainly a threat to ballot integrity. In September, DMV acknowledged it had incorrectly registered 23,000 voters. WOW!

>> 2. In 2016, California passed the Voter’s Choice Act allowing counties to mail ballots to all registered voters.

>> 3. A separate law allows any person (union activists, canvassers, community organizers, etc.) to go door to door to collect the ballots on behalf of the voters.

>> 4. California law allows counting mail-in ballots postmarked the day of the election to be counted.

Reportedly the House Democrats are now moving to impose much of this on the other 49 states.

So, where are we in South Carolina? We tend to trust everyone. Our voter registration form asks about citizenship but requires the verification of nothing, the honor system that extends to illegals who have already proved that they do not honor truthfulness and integrity by being in our country illegally.

Our Department of Motor Vehicles query those seeking a driver’s license regarding voter registration and if not registered proceed to register them in the same procedure as above.

So, an illegal could lie about citizenship, be on our voter rolls and influence our election.

What else can happen in South Carolina? Organizers and the like can work through senior living facilities, with or without facility/voter approval, assisting seniors to initiate absentee ballots, and then when the ballots are received, assist the seniors to fill out the ballots with their bias and mail them in.

What should we do in South Carolina to secure the voting process?

>> 1. I am told that electronic voting machines are the most foolproof – invest in them throughout the state.

>> 2. In voter registration, require verification of citizenship by birth certificate, passport or “Real ID Card.”

>> 3. Train all senior care givers (owners and social service personnel) in the state according to approved procedures to assist these precious seniors.

This won’t rectify every situation, but it will keep us from being another California!



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