In reference to Andy Brack’s column on Aug. 3 (""Reject hate and fury by taking high road toward future"), Democrats talk big of taking the high road, but it looks like they can’t get out of the muddy road. Yes, thanks to the ubiquitous nature of fake news, which mostly ends up putting President Trump on top and in his favor.

Do you know the meaning of the word decency? Is that all you have to throw out there?

President Trump is the best president that has ever occupied the Oval Office. He takes no salary but rather donates it to charity. He is exactly the president we have always wanted, but we had no idea we would ever get a president who fights for everyone every day! He doesn’t bite his tongue. He tells the truth about everything. He's the most transparent president we’ve ever had. He is not ashamed to speak of our Great God in Heaven like other politicians.

As for war heroes, no one cares more for our great heroes than President Trump.

As for Putin and Russia, it is better to keep your enemies close, and Russia never told me who to vote for.

If you want to talk about Nazis, who do you think is closer to Nazism, left-wing socialists, which leads to communism, or President Trump, who believes in God, the USA and capitalism? Uh, huh! Uh, huh!

I could write a book combatting the idiocy ideology of these liberals. This is only a start!



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