We have been told for years that the globe is warming, but is it? And if so, by what means? And what should be done about it?

Many people will say we have only 10 years to turn back from the catastrophic results of non-renewable energy. We must act now!

A few years ago, it was confirmed by the scientific community that based on temperature readings taken from space over the past 50 years, Earth has warmed approximately 0.9 degrees C, but it was this scientific community’s conclusion that less than half of this increase was caused by humans. Of the many projections of climate change, it was the Russian model that was closest to historical reality that projects small temperature rises over time.

Let's accept that there is climate change and that it appears to have had a significant impact on the ocean level.

Some would have you in fear of something approaching holocaust proportions. They would have us converting from fossil fuels to renewable energy to include air travel, cars, etc. It would seem more practical to investigate ways to protect against rising tides, etc., and investigate new energy sources that will provide reasonable relief from the carbon footprint energies.

First, consider ways to combat the rising tides. The Netherlands has been living for 50-plus years behind dikes that shield them from high tides. We should assess this cost and look for other options. Hoboken, New Jersey, is doing that after Hurricane Sandy.

Next, we should continue to look to current and new renewable energy to reduce the carbon footprint. Recently one netwrork presented a new technology using Mr. Medoff’s Natural Force technologies to transform organic materials (waste) and natural cellulose (vegetation) to energy sources that significantly reduce the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and significantly increases the world’s sustainable energy resources. For example, Xyleco’s ethanol is estimated to reduce greenhouse gasses by better than 70% and has the near-term potential of replacing 30% of oil, coal and other high carbon energy sources. Reportedly, this alcohol source does not have the negative problems of corn-sourced alcohol when used as a fuel in automobiles. Additionally, this technology can produce high-quality foods and plastics that can be chemically structured to bio-destroy over time from minutes to many years. What a solution to the world’s plastic dilemma as well as solving one-third of the non-renewable energy.

Another option to CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, the reported cause of climate change, is reported by the Guardian, involving re-forestation of Earth’s vast open lands. Reportedly, re-forestation will completely reverse the impact of the current and future use of coal and oil based energy.

Therefore, we have options that either replace the negative effects of using oil and coal or we can reduce them by two-thirds and replace them with the expanding renewable forms of energy. There are reasonable solutions that are cost effective. Also, we must protect ourselves against rising tides on our coasts.

We have great-cost effective options. Let’s go for them!



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