For the past three years, I have supported President Trump in the face of vast criticism. He has done several things for the long-term good of our country that should have been done a long time ago.

Unfortunately, he has not addressed my greatest concern: our national debt. During his 2016 campaign, he promised to attack this problem, but by all projections, the federal budget deficit next year will exceed a trillion dollars. This is the kind of deficit that President Obama ran. Therefore, if a candidate comes along with a credible plan for attacking our national debt, I will support that candidate. Unfortunately there is no such candidate on the horizon. It's as if they just don't care.

The second item that is of great concern to me is our environment. President Trump has done nothing to improve our environment. I agree with him that many of our environmental laws were passed simply for political reasons and have no value. In fact, many of them are damaging. I have written about this several times and have given factual examples. However, this is not reason to cut back without passing laws that make sense and actually accomplish the objective.

All of the Democratic candidates are talking about the programs that they intend to implement, but, as usual, they have no consideration for how we will pay for them. As always, they are simply making promises in order to get the votes of the people looking for a free ride. Think of the cost of forgiving student loans and how unfair this is to the people who paid for their educations with hard work. Many years ago I worked with a man who had a BS in physics and a PhD in education. He actually bragged that he had never paid back his student loans. How are we going to pay for free education for everyone? And then there is Sen. Bernie Sanders' $16 trillion environmental program for which he has specified only generalities, not any concrete action.

In the 19th century, Richard Henry Dana Jr., the internationally acclaimed author of "Two Years Before the Mast," had a term for freeloading: hunkerism. He defined a hunker as a person who demanded the privileges of wealth and birth without accepting their responsibilities. In our country, we have entirely too many hunkers and entirely too many politicians who are willing to cater to them in order to get votes, regardless of the cost.

It is high time for the working people of our country to wake up and start voting for independents and alternate party candidates in order to break the power of the Republicans and Democrats. It is time to demand fiscal responsibility from our government before it is too late.



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