Most of my letters have been critical of law enforcement, yet the profession has honorable men and women within its ranks. Fallen officers Terrence Carraway and Farrah Turner as well as countless others are examples. These officers unselfishly and courageously sacrifice their lives in order for their community to be full of peace and tranquility.

Surely law enforcement officials have made mistakes in order to fulfill their duties of protecting and serving the public. However, the options that they face place them in tumultuous circumstances.

For an example, when an officer stops a car, anxiety kicks in, because he is in fear for his life.

The proliferation of guns within our society adds to a sense of danger to the job of law enforcement.

Several elements place police officers in no-win situations. For example, officers are mandated by state law to enforce traffic laws. However, the state imposing these regulations on cops prevents them from focusing on major crimes, such as rape and murder.

Officers clearly do not have glamorous jobs.



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