One day as I sat in a parking lot I noticed a Bradford Pear.

The wind has split its trunk and its limbs were stark and bare.

I thought to myself as I looked at it, “It will never make it ‘til spring.”

The tree that was once so pretty was now such an ugly thing.

The half of the tree the storm had spared was leaning right and bent

It looked too weak to support the limbs spared by the storm's strong wind.

As I watched, two passing mourning doves lit on the tree to rest.

I thought, “You’ll soon have to find a new place to stop and preen and nest.”

Several months went by again before I passed that way.

The tree was covered with bright new leaves and beautiful flowers that day.

It seemed to stand a little more erect and with a certain dignity.

As I looked at it I wondered, “How can I apply this tree to me?”

And suddenly it dawned on me that no matter what life sends,

God is still a God of miracles and wants to be my friend.