The race for the 2020 elections has become so polarized that both parties are trampling the core principles of the Constitution just to achieve their own political goals.

These revered American values have become mere weapons of convenience in the battle of power for control of the government. Have politicians become so obsessed over defeating President Trump that they are ignoring the more immediate needs of our citizens?

It is understandable that my Democrat friends question why so many people can vote for Donald Trump, whose erratic personality disorder results in self-absorbed tweets and kneejerk decisions. Trump’s demeaning of national and international leaders has resulted in irreconcilable relationships with the very people he needs to obtain any meaningful progress.

However, could it be possible that Trump has retained support because of his successful economic policies that have improved the GDP and gotten record high employment of middle class Americans? Or could it be that people have had to support him because of the dearth of choices among the 24 radical candidates running in the Democratic primary?

That field makes it harder to understand why my Democrat friends can realistically support the socialist platforms of these candidates, such as:

  • Increased government control of the banks and Wall Street that will destroy our free market economic system.
  • Medicare For All – Dismantling the insurance companies and citizens’ choice of doctors.
  • Rewriting the Constitution that has sustained the most open and diverse nation in the world.
  • Open borders for illegal immigrants and criminals who claim $21 billion of free medical care, free education and voting rights.
  • Green New Deal. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez even advocates boycotting cauliflower because it was a colonial vegetable.

Hand it to the Democrats for being more effective with their messaging. Of course, they have the advantage through their mainstream media minions who have an admitted bias against Trump and any traditional policies. The media have shamelessly overblown identity politics by claiming that race and gender relationships are the worst in recent memory. Our younger generation, with minimal education in American history and civics, believes these anecdotal social media comments about the divisiveness in the country.

It is thus interesting to note that the 2019 West Point graduating class included a record 34 black females, 110 African-Americans, and 223 total women from a once heavily male-dominated institution. The number of female and black chief executives in the corporate world is at an all-time high. Is honest journalism fast becoming a relic of the past?

The 645,000 American military heroes whom we recently honored and who gave their lives to ensure our freedom would be disappointed in our country’s uncompromising partisan politics. Elected leaders should now compromise and work out solutions on illegal immigration and health care.



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