This letter is in reference to Andy Brack's column on May 18 ("Anti-abortion zealots, pawns use big government to narrow democracy"). Is he an atheist? Did he sprout from under a rock? Any human being with red blood running through his or her veins with a beating heart that believes babies should be killed is not human.

He wrote about civil rights; killing babies has nothing to do with civil rights, but it is a sin against God! Of course, atheists don’t believe in the Bible, or the Ten Commandments, or God, so to Brack, it is not considered a sin.

I have a simple solution to not getting pregnant: Get your tubes tied or keep your legs crossed. Better yet, put some of the blame on your men; force them to have surgery. It solves the problem, and you won’t have to commit murder.

Also, killing babies has nothing to do with the color of women, as Brack stated in his column; from the Bible, God does not recognize color.

Our taxes should not have to pay for these atrocities. It makes me sick to know that my taxes have paid for the murders of innocent babies — God help us all! This has to end.

It is a sorry and weak man who agrees to an abortion; no backbone at all.



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