Scott Kaufman, the chairman of Francis Marion University’s history department, wrote a guest column for the Morning News ("Trump’s Praetorian Guard") that could have come straight from the anti-Trump left wing of the Democratic Party. It was not even close to fair and balanced. I felt that most of his nasty points applied more to President Obama, his administration and to the Democratic Party than to Trump and the Republicans.

Trump is hardly a Republican, definitely not interested in being dictator and is not a political ideologue, unlike Obama. Trump has done his best work helping the job and employment market for blacks and minorities, unlike Obama! Trump and his administration have done more good for all Americans and the world in under three years than the Democrats did in Obama’s eight years.

Kaufman’s unpleasant, unkind and untrue political screed shows just how crazy the left has become. He clearly needs treatment for TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome. I remember similar insane attacks by left-wing Democrats before the emotional elections of 1968 and 1972. The Republicans won easily. So, I thank the Morning News and Scott Kaufman in advance for their help in re-electing President Trump!



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