Why is it racist, xenophobic or bigoted for someone to enforce laws enacted by Congress? Why is it racist to point out the terrible living conditions in certain cities? Why is it homophobic to not agree with everything the LBGTQ sector of our society says or does?

These are some of the questions I have asked many liberals, and they can’t answer with any clarity or logic; they just tell me that President Trump is all the above.

I thought having a different opinion just meant you do not agree with the viewpoint of who you are talking to. Little did I know that I could be considered some or all the above.

Rev. Tom Pietila wonders why white evangelical Protestants form the strength of the president’s base. Quite possibly it is because Trump is not a normal politician. Does he have faults? You bet he does. Who among us don’t? I don’t recall any of us being perfect.

I do see a lot of hypocrisy from so-called Christians, though. I believe it was Jesus who said, “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” I think this applies to every one of us today as much as it did when he uttered this phrase.

Do I agree with everything President Trump does? Does the sun rise in the west and set in the east? I do see him trying to improve all Americans’ lives, not just the elites who want to take our money for their gains.

Baltimore’s west side and inner city has been a disaster for years, and I would urge you to go visit it or some of the other inner cities run by Democrats and then ask: What have the leaders done with the federal tax dollars sent to improve living conditions in those areas? The leaders can’t do it alone. The residents need to take pride in their neighborhoods also.

It is not racist or bigoted to want everyone’s quality of life to improve, but it needs to start at home. How can you improve your life? How can you improve your neighbor’s life? It is a domino effect, and it may be quite rewarding in the end.

This country does need more civility. This includes everyone, not just those you disagree with.



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