Maxwell Baptist Church celebrated its 98th birthday on Sunday. During the celebration of this fine church, an honored surprise was given. Deacon Larry Alexander, a longtime member of Maxwell, was called up for a presentation. Little did he know that he would be honored for his work at Maxwell.

After the death of Daniel K. McCowan, Maxwell’s pastor of 20 years, Alexander, as head of the deacon board, took on the task of being the leader of the church and the go-to person for decisions that had to be made.

Alexander took on the task and handled it well. Under his leadership, the church grew in many ways.

Alexander served on the Pastor Search Committee. It was the committee’s job to find a new pastor to present to the congregation of Maxwell. He was poised and exact while handling the task in a manner to find someone who would help Maxwell grow in areas where needed.

It is not odd to see Deacon Alexander with a broom in his hand sweeping the floors or working on the beauty of the outside surroundings of Maxwell or, last but not least, cooking his delicious chicken bog in Maxwell’s kitchen.

Deacon Alexander is a mentor for the young men in the church, a respecter of the elderly, as we have seen him take food to the elderly while making sure that they have their needs in the home met. He is a worker in the community, partnering with the schools, especially his alma mater, Wilson High School.

Deacon Alexander and his wife, Gwendolyn, are a gift to Maxwell Baptist Church.

The people of Maxwell salute our own Deacon Larry Alexander.



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